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VAMP 18: Delayed Pastries

The morning air is bracing as Sam dashes across the street where Lila’s Bakery is. She walks past the shop and down the block and turns into the branch office of a local bank. Good thing I brought the checkbook … Continue reading

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Blind Tasting: the Audiobook Edition

Blind Tasting is now available as an audiobook.  You can listen to sample chapters for free and you can also buy the entire, unabridged novel as a digital download. Producing this edition in a recording studio — working with a … Continue reading

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Vamp 17: A Sudden Request

It’s Saturday night and Zaira feels conflicted. She has successfully refrained from calling Sandor on his new Android cell phone, even though she’s been brooding over numerous scenarios of how he might be caught off guard, how he unknowingly (or … Continue reading

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Vamp 16: A Phone Call

Dean!? With her heart pounding, Sam quickly locates the story online and reads more. Passers-by were horrified at the sudden fall of a man onto the street from a midtown Manhattan residential building. Police have taped off the block while … Continue reading

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Vamp: 15 Identities

The small pub is full of loud happy noise. Rina waves to a couple of friends sitting at the bar as the foursome from BubbleTrendz heads for a booth. Sam wishes she could be alone with Gil here to puzzle … Continue reading

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Impressions: Generosity (An Enhancement) by Richard Powers

Generosity is the latest novel (2009) from the award-winning American author Richard Powers, and the first work of his that I have read.  I wanted to explore his writing because I had read that his novels address the attributes and … Continue reading

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Vamp: 14 Developments

“Great view, isn’t it?” Joel Anderson watches Dean Divers gaze admiringly out across lower Manhattan from the expansive conference room of blond wood and recessed lighting. Dean Divers, only slightly less blond and less tall than Joel Anderson, nods, then … Continue reading

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