I’m a linguist and computer programmer who has worked at two startups and several consulting gigs on AI-based business intelligence systems, an online strategy game and a semantic search engine. Current interests, besides language itself, include bioinformatics and ontology design. Other loves include dogs, good wine, sailboats and scuba diving. I recently published my first novel, Blind Tasting, a lightly satirical high-tech caper involving Silicon Valley geeks and the wine world. More fiction is in the works. I currently reside in Boston with my husband Paul and dog Gigi.

-A.C. Houston


2 Responses to About

  1. Pat Indelicato Lansing says:

    This was sent along to me by Chris Eik. I enjoyed reading it and hearing about you from her. It’s been many years since we’ve seen each other but I remember you fondly from school. So glad to see you are enjoying your life.

    • achouston says:

      Hi Pat! Great to hear from you! I remember our school days fondly, too — you had a great sense of humor and I recall we always had fun in, was it health class?

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