Word Jumbles #3


Note: Solutions will be posted tomorrow on the new Answers page. This way newcomers can still work the old jumbles without seeing the solutions right away.

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4 Responses to Word Jumbles #3

  1. bbear says:

    retain skillet darndest lentil coriander . . . I see your heart is in the kitchen. Coriander was tough…

    • achouston says:

      Good job! I was interested in your ‘darndest’ – maybe this is a contracted alternate form for ‘darnedest’? If so, there is a double solution for the jumble — the word I had intended was ‘stranded’ 🙂

      • bbear says:

        Heh. You’re very diplomatic, as always, but I’m afraid I just didn’t know how to spell darnedest . . . and didn’t see stranded

    • achouston says:

      Oops – there is a double solution in the set – ‘retain’ is certainly valid, there is also ‘retina’.

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