The word awesome is extending its usage to function as a noun, not just an adjective, although the nominal usage isn’t showing up in dictionaries. Yet. Here are two recent real-life examples of awesome I have witnessed where awesome is used as a noun: “lots of awesome tonight”  and “too much awesome”.  In the first example, tonight serves as a temporal adverb, it’s not the noun that awesome is modifying. In the second example, that’s the whole expression, there is no following noun. Both examples make use of a preceding quantifier phrase — maybe this is the environment we’ll see awesome as noun for a while. Fun is both a noun and an adjective and enjoys a broad distribution in both categories.  You can say ‘fun was had by all last night’ (and also ‘a fun time was had by all last night’), what about ‘awesome was had by all last night’?  Is it better with ‘way too much awesome was had by all last night’?  If so, those preceding quantifiers may be paving the way. 🙂

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