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Word Jumbles #4

KINTCOGS FACTRY ALLSTER ESLAWE PEDELVORE Solutions posted tomorrow under Answers. Advertisements

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There’s a commonly deployed linguistic device with a fancy Greek name — metonymy.  Metonymy is using an attribute or a part of something to refer to the thing itself. Here are some examples: All hands are to report to the … Continue reading

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Sportaholics and Sexavores

Just back from travels, so a short post today. There is a nice case of a newly productive suffix in English worth noting: –vore.  In the past there was a limited set that includes the well-known carnivore, herbivore, omnivore.  Recently … Continue reading

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Word Jumbles #3

ETRAIN STELKLI DARTDENS NELLIT INCREDORA Note: Solutions will be posted tomorrow on the new Answers page. This way newcomers can still work the old jumbles without seeing the solutions right away.

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Among and Amongst

English usage seems to be getting hipper and leaner.  We’ve nearly lost our subjunctive mood (how many American English speakers even recognize this construction on the printed page?)  and whom should certainly be on the List of Endangered Words. (Is … Continue reading

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We’ve all gotten used to abbreviations in email, text messages and Twitter. Today at Silicon Alley Insider a list of such abbreviations was compiled and presented. The list is obviously not complete and was not offered as such, and commentators … Continue reading

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