I’m baaack (almost)

Well, I finally got the revised version of Blind Tasting uploaded to CreateSpace this morning. If the new proof looks good, the novel will be available at Amazon in print form in about a week. The revised version for the Kindle should also be available within the next few days.

I hadn’t expected that going through the proof of the print copy would take so long, but I made lots of formatting changes to the existing ebook version, and I even found two small bloopers (I’m not telling 🙂  )  In reading the proof, I realized how much the original screenplay format continued to exert influence on paragraph layout in the novel, despite all the reworking.

In a screenplay it’s always clear who is speaking, because the format explicitly labels every dialogue with the character who is speaking it. However, actions in a screenplay describe a visually observable flow of events, which can include multiple characters. Although such action sequences in Blind Tasting had seemed intuitive to me within their modified context of the novel’s format, they seemed less clear with the added presence of internal thoughts of characters and points of view. Reading through the printed proof in a 6 x 9 inch trade paperback layout, it became clear to me that many paragraphs needed to be structured differently in order to clarify the point-of-view flow from one character to another. Doing this took some time, but hopefully was worth the effort.

The revised edition is now available in ebook format at Smashwords.com and, when Smashwords sends their next shipment out to their external distribution channels (Barnes&Noble, Sony, Apple, Kobo, Diesel and others), the new ebook version will be available at those sites, also.

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2 Responses to I’m baaack (almost)

  1. bbear says:

    Glad you’re back. Good luck with the novel…

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