NaNoWriMo – Okay!

This is National Novel Writing Month, a free-for-all invitation for all and any writers (that includes you, people!)  to write a complete novel in the thirty days of November. It must be 50,000 words in length (at least) to qualify as completing the challenge.  The idea is to get writers to sit down and write lots. Let’s face it though, writing that many words that fast is not likely to produce polished prose, and the story lines may not be so well-researched or crafted, but it hopefully blasts away writer’s block and gets the juices flowing. 🙂

I’m not officially entering this contest, mostly because I don’t want to sit in isolation for thirty days and write something at this pace, then throw it over the fence. Instead, I’ve decided to give it a go on my own in the following way: I’ll post a new, ongoing novel I’ve just started writing as of this morning, (November 1), and I’ll post an installment every day for the next 30 days. If  life intrudes on this effort and I can’t post something on some day, I’ll post two installments the next. You get the picture.

The novel is called Vamp.  First installment today.

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2 Responses to NaNoWriMo – Okay!

  1. bbear says:

    Hi, I just now came upon this project. Have you thought of making it a separate page here at your site, and adding new installments at the bottom, so the reader starts with Chapter 1 and works downward?…

    • achouston says:

      It’s a good suggestion, BBear. I like that layout best. However, it’s better publicity for the pieces to be on main blog page, because they get sent to Twitter feed automatically when I publish one. Maybe I’ll keep the whole thing in sequence as you suggest on a separate page where people can go and begin in the right order. Back to Chapter Five – to appear later today!

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