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Blind Tasting: the Audiobook Edition

Blind Tasting is now available as an audiobook.  You can listen to sample chapters for free and you can also buy the entire, unabridged novel as a digital download. Producing this edition in a recording studio — working with a … Continue reading

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Journey in Northern Light

Just a quick add-on to yesterday’s mention of the summer solstice. Check out this beautiful time-lapse sequence of  The Arctic Light by TSO Photography.  ‘The Arctic Light’ is the name given by the photographer to the time period about 2-4 weeks … Continue reading


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Impressions: Generosity (An Enhancement) by Richard Powers

Generosity is the latest novel (2009) from the award-winning American author Richard Powers, and the first work of his that I have read.  I wanted to explore his writing because I had read that his novels address the attributes and … Continue reading

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VAMP: 5 Structuring the Deal

“Promise me you will drink some of Cousin Ambrus’ bottles while I’m away? Don’t worry that it’s the last case, he’s promised to send more.” Zaira looks across her living room at Sandor, who is scrunched into her elegant red … Continue reading

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VAMP: 4 Sandor’s Arrival

Sam stands impatiently at the fax machine, waiting for the last page to come through. She’s already scanned the first page and it looks compelling, Dean is savvy and he’s probably going to accept it. But these investors want thirty … Continue reading

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NaNoWriMo – Okay!

This is National Novel Writing Month, a free-for-all invitation for all and any writers (that includes you, people!)  to write a complete novel in the thirty days of November. It must be 50,000 words in length (at least) to qualify as … Continue reading

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Stories: Up, Down and Sideways

When seeking advice on the craft of writing a story, whether screenplay, novel or other form, most experts will tell you that you must write the back story of your characters. These back stories are pages of descriptive narrative, detailing … Continue reading

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