Blind Tasting: the Audiobook Edition

Blind Tasting is now available as an audiobook.  You can listen to sample chapters for free and you can also buy the entire, unabridged novel as a digital download.

Producing this edition in a recording studio — working with a voice talent and an audio engineer — was an amazing experience. It was daunting, frustrating, exhilarating and exhausting for all of us at various points during the process. And, yes, some decent wine was consumed during a few of the sessions, and dogs were allowed in the studio more than once. 🙂

The audiobook (MP3 format) is more than 10 hours of recording and more than 800 MB  (about 637 MB compressed downloadable zip file).  As digital content, it’s considerably heftier than the accompanying ebook edition.  But, for those of you who prefer listening to your stories than reading them, an audiobook is a nice alternative. Enjoy!

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3 Responses to Blind Tasting: the Audiobook Edition

  1. oldstick says:

    Hi there, I also used a recording studio to record my first novel as an audiobook. If I hadn’t got one out of the library the engineer would not have known to bookmark it. I wonder what else we got wrong.
    Anyway, I have the 6CDs which I intend to lend out and my son is going to download the mp3 version. We then have to decide how much to give away and how much to try to sell.There’s a message below that I don’t understand What am I doing wrong?

  2. achouston says:

    Hi Oldstick! What’s the name of your audiobook novel? Did you narrate the work yourself? It’s a time-consuming process, isn’t it. What is the message that you don’t understand? Something on Word Travels blog site? Or Blind Tasting website? -Ann

  3. just need to know how to produce music .thanks from victor says:

    direct me

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